Error unique to data

I am trying to perform a functional analysis on my dataset. I thought it’ll be quite straightforward. Details are as follows:

  • Peak intensity list - positive ionization no rt
  • No filtering (less than 5k features)
  • log10 transform and autoscale

After running Mummichog scatter plot using predicted metabolite sets, it gives out an error saying unique to my data. I checked if my data may have contained any unwanted symbols that may interfere with the calculations but I cannot detect any problems. I have attached my data to ask a different set of eyes maybe I might have missed out something.

Also, there were no errors when I performed statistical analysis module on this same dataset.

12_5_PS_control_gut.txt (114.5 KB)

This is indeed related to your data and library selection - mummichog performs parameter estimation for gamma distribution, which could fail for some small pathways or metabolite sets.

You can try to limit analysis to big pathways. For instance, use pathways / metabolite sets containing at least 5 entries (instead of default 3)

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