Error: Processing Failed, unable to finish the job!


I have repeated this ms data processing workflow 3 times and every time it fails at 96%.

Why is the error message so uninformative? I would love to know if there is something I can do to make the data processing work.

Looking at previous posts on the same topic, I do not see any solutions. It looks like this is the same old problem and it has been going on since December. So, I am posting this but realizing that there may not be a fix yet.

My most recent job ID is 19166.

The job progress text output ended with this:

Warning: Found NA peaks in selected sample.
Calculating peak correlations in 236 Groups…
Calculating graph cross linking in 236 Groups…
New number of ps-groups: 1560
mSet has now 1560 groups, instead of 236 !

Hi, it was a internal bug related to the adduct setting. I have fixed it.

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