Error in PEAK PROFILING while performing raw data processing using MetaboAnalystR

I have been trying to process some raw data acquired from a QTRAP 6500 mass spectrometer using MetaboAnalystR since I have 204 raw files. I am currently using an intel Xeon processor with 128 GB of ram. I hope these specifications as fine to analyse such data. While performing the parameters optimization step I set the core numbers to 20. The optimization fails and the R console says default parameters will be used for peak processing.
I keep encountering the following error during the peak filling step saying “ERROR:trying to get slot “params” from an object (class “simpleError”) that is not an S4 object
Error in PerformPeakProfiling(mSet, Params = best_params, plotSettings = SetPlotParam(Plot = TRUE)) :

Is there a way to solve this thing?