Error in matadata file during Marker data profiling

I encountered an error during the upload of my data which said this:
“Metadata Table: make sure there is at least one column contains experimental design for group comparisons (i.e., the primary metadata), with each group contains at least 3 replicate. No unique values are allowed in the primary metadata column.”
The error says I need at least 3 replicates for each group, yet I found an answer from this forum said at least two replicates are required. Link: Error in Marker Data Profiling at Data Upload
At the moment I only have the data of two replicates from each group available, I wonder if there is a way to proceed with the data I have.
Thank you in advance!

Metadata_file (1).txt (423 Bytes)
OTU_table (1).txt (75.4 KB)
Taxonomy_table (1).txt (113.4 KB)

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