Error in Marker Data Profiling at Data Upload

I am trying to use the Microbiome Analyst marker data profiling tool to do some data analysis and I keep running into an error at Data Upload that I cant figure out. I have consulted the FAQ’s, and tried different file types/formats. The program gives an error message that is lacking the possible cause (“Error! Possible causes of error (last one being the most relevant):”), also seen in the attached screenshot. I used the MicrobiomeAnalyst for other data before, but never had this problem.

I would be grateful for help.

My data:
Linker2OTU_otufile.csv (13.5 KB)
Linker2OTU_taxfile.csv (44.9 KB)
metadata_Linker.csv (74 Bytes)


This is caused by your metadata. There are two groups have only one sample. We need at least two replicates in each group for the analysis. You can change it and try agin. We will update our error message soon.


Hope this helps!

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Wow, thank you!! I could have figured that out myself :sweat_smile: