Error in data upload in statistical meta-analyses!

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I got stuck on the first step of data upload in Statistical Meta-analysis (Integrate multiple marker gene data).
I have created the datasets as per the examples given. However, I am unable to upload them.

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I just want to how to upload 3 datasets with statistical meta-analysis!
Suppose I have downloaded the example datasets and unzipped them. Then how to re-upload the datasets
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Have you read our tutorials: MicrobiomeAnalyst?

Thank you for your reply.
Now I can upload the data easily.
But I think there is some bug in the Statistical metaanalysis.
Sometimes the datasets uploaded and ran without any error and sometimes it came with an error: 1. * Error A total of 114 samples and 7115 features or taxa are present. (after uploading all the datasets correctly) 2. * Error A total of 0 sample names were not included in the OTU/ASV abundance table.

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You need to follow our post guideline. - assuming that you keep everything the same (same data and same actions), but the results changes (i.e. no human factor involved). Otherwise, different results are expected.

I am attaching the datasets.
and I am attaching a screenshot of the error.

Thank you

Data_1_Meta.csv (247 Bytes)
Data_1_Otu.csv (312.6 KB)
Data_1_Tax.csv (652.1 KB)
Data_2_Meta.csv (104 Bytes)
Data_2_Otu.csv (63.1 KB)
Data_2_Tax.csv (193.4 KB)
Data_3_Meta.csv (182 Bytes)
Data_3_Otu.csv (392.9 KB)
Data_3_Tax.csv (967.7 KB)