Error for editing groups in Metaboanalyst


I have come across an issue when trying to upload data into metaboanalyst.
I am trying to use “Statistical Analysis [one factor]”, where a .csv file can be uploaded. Please find the .csv file I am using below/attached:
CPCC02172301-03&04_positive data_glut_removed.csv (126.9 KB)

The data uploads, but when trying to edit the groups, I am met with the below problem where the pop up does not work - please find a screenshot below:

I have tried restarting my browser and checking the formatting of the csv file as suggested in the troubleshooting guidelines, but the problem is still there.

Please could someone assist with this?

Thank you in advance!

I noticed that you have duplicated sample names:

MetaboAnalyst is expecting unique sample names and this could be causing problems. Do you still have the issue if you re-upload with unique sample names?

The problem of not being able to group still exists.
This is my data, and it cannot be grouped even if it is brought in.
测试.csv (3.0 KB)

The format is incorrect. Please first read our instructions.

I am closing this one. If you have questions, open a new post.