Error during processing LC/MS Spectra on Metaboanalyst

Hello everyone,

i have a problem with metaboanalyst. After uploading zip files of LC/MS Spectra (appropriately converted in mzXML with Proteowizard), i tried to make a job with “Centowave-auto” first, succesfully with “Asary” algorithms, just editing “ppm for MS2”, bringing them to 20.00 (This with Centowave-auto algorithm), while with “Asary” algorithm i modified “ppm for MS2” and “Peak picking”, bringing them to 20.00. In both cases appears an error that does not allow me to continue the job.

The error is: "Error in matrix(nrow= nrow(Sample_data)): data is too long
Calls:-> matrix
Execution halted
srun: error: xialab-dev: task 0: Exited with exit code 1

This error appears at 11%, with “Asari” algorithm, while with “Centowave-auto” algorithm, the job stop at 2% after a long time.

I would ask to you, if there is anyone that knows how to resolve these problems.

Thank u for your time!