Enrichment Analysis: Differences in CrossReferencing function between MetaboAnalystR 4.0 and MetaboAnalyst6.0

Hi MetaboAnalyst Team,

I am continuously working on a dataset using MetaboAnalystR v.4.0 and found errors while re-running my previously functioning code for the enrichment analyses. Here is a snippet of the code with specific HMDBs of my data set.

mset<-InitDataObjects(“conc”, “msetora”, FALSE)
mset<-Setup.MapData(mset, cmpd.vec);
mset<-CrossReferencing(mset, “hmdb”, lipid = T);

I get the following error message:
[1] “Loaded files from MetaboAnalyst web-server.”
[1] “0”
[2] “Over half of the compound IDs could not be matched to our database. Please make \n sure that correct compound IDs or common compound names are used.”
[1] “Name matching failed! Please make sure that correct standardized feature names are used!”

Since that code worked before for the same metabolites and HMDB IDs, I tested the HMDBs on the website using MetaboAnalyst6.0, and here every HMDB ID was correctly identified.

I see there were some errors in the forum related to that issue, but I did not find a topic focusing on differences between the R version and the online version. Is there maybe an error due to the recent * Fixed name mapping issue associated with latest HMDB IDs and KEGG IDs (01/14/2024) * ?

Thanks for your help.