Difficulty loading data into Omics


Having trouble getting the program to load my data, whenever I do it I get an error saying that it is a unique problem associated with my dataset.

Have attached the files, anyone have any suggestions?
turtle_meta.txt (5.8 KB)
turtle_otu.txt (2.7 MB)
turtle_tax.txt (1.4 MB)

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Hi Jeff,

Not sure I can provide much more information, I have added the data sets and that is pretty much all I can do because it won’t even load onto the system to run any analysis.

Is there a problem with the format of my data?



It will be helpful if you let us know the parameter for “Taxonomy Label” during data upload

I also took a quick look at your metadata table - there are many missing values and some labels appear only once. You can view your data in a spreadsheet / Excel to see what I mean.

MicrobiomeAnalyst expects that data should be as “clean” as possible - which generally means good experimental design (case, control, etc) with replicates. At least the first column (i.e. the primary experimental factor) should meet such basic design principle.

All good, the data is now loading.

However, the only analysis I seem to be able to do is abundance data. The buttons for alpha diversity etc are light blue and won’t allow me to click on them.

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