Difficulty in uploading files after adding sequences to OTU table

Hello. I was successfully able to add OTU sequences to my .csv file but now facing the following error while uploading. I am trying to attach that file here but failing due to large size. How could I share the file here on omicsforum for reference. However, I am attaching error screenshot herewith. Please guide and help.

Sharing the whole large dataset is rarely necessary.

  1. Have you actually examined your data based on the error message?
  2. If everything looks normal, maybe you can create and share a smaller dataset from the original data

Greetings Sir. Actually I was uploading and analyzing the same dataset without sequences earlier through MicrobiomeAnalyst, the problem arose after adding sequences to my .csv file for OTUs which are required for function prediction through TAX4FUN2. Not sure what the error actually means. Please have a look into the my dataset and advise. Many thanks
OTU TABLE (SHORT).csv (47.2 KB)
metadata.csv (129 Bytes)

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