Data upload error Microbiome Metabolomics

I tried to upload the list of microbiota and metabolites in the Feature List section inside the Microbial Metabolomics section, but I am not able to do so. I copy pasted the lit and click Upload, but it is not directing me anywhere. Do I also have to upload the Abundance Table? Can I just not independently work with the Feature List section?

The following link is what I am referring to.

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I am using Microbial Metabolomics. As you can in the ‘Screenshot’ picture, I am trying to upload the list of microorganisms in the ‘Feature List’ section.

In s2 screenshot, you can see, I uploaded the list. When I submit the list, the page refreshes and takes me out to s3 (as shown in the screenshot).

Can’t I independently work with the ‘Feature List’ section? Shall I still upload metadata, abundance table, and metabolomics data as seen in screenshot 3 (s3)?

Hello,thanks for bring up this issue. We have updated our website. You can try again and let us know if you have more questions.
Hope this helps!

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