Data Filtering & Normalization - Inactive 'submit' button

The ‘submit’ button in ‘Data Filtering & Normalization’ seems to be inactive. Thanks!

Hi Marina,

The button is working when I run our example datasets through the pipeline. The problem is likely with your specific dataset. Would you be able to attach a copy of the data? Then I can find the specific problem and fix it.


Hello Jess,

Thank you very much for your help. Please, find the data attached.

Kind regards,
dosis_mirnas.txt (70.5 KB)


Can you let me know exactly your data upload and selected normalization parameters (organism, data type, ID type, etc.)? Your data seems not standard microarray or RNA-seq data.

Hello Jess,

It is perhaps not the right type of data, I am not sure. These are the parameters I used:
Specify organism: H. Sapiens (human)

Data type: microarray data (intensities)

ID type: not specified

Gene-level summarization: mean

When your ID type is not supported, you should select ----Annotation-free Pipeline— option for both species and ID type.

Using these input options, I was able to analyze your dataset. I did not find any gene BMDs (none passed the quality filters). This can often happen when there are only three doses and not so many genes.

Hello! Thank you very much for the clarification, that’s really helpful.