Cluster Analysis from Heatmaps


My name´s Anna, I´d need some support with the heatmaps on MetaboAnalyst. I´m working on a non-target analysis and trying to identify compounds based on the clusters that are formed by the software. I followed a previous post that suggested the “Functional Analysis” mode and the heatmaps to get more specifics about the clusters. It worked and now I can see the clusters. I was wondering how to download these data for further research about the clusters. Can I get MetaboAnalyst to spit out a .csv file with these data? Can I select some clusters of interests and, somehow, extract them?

Thank you,


Hi Anna,

In this page, you can

  1. Select clusters of interest and download those cluster images (use the ‘Download’ option)
  2. Perform enrichment analysis on these clusters, and download the enriched functions as a table (.csv)

For more details, please refer to our recent Nature Protocols: Step 30: Functional analysis of metabolic patterns.