Can I process my samples with only z-scores


I was hoping that someone would be able to assist as I am VERY out of my depth. I have two groups of samples (affected vs unaffected) in which the only data I have for each group are metabolite z-scores (~900 metabolites).

Is it still possible for me to generate volcano plots, PCA, and heatmaps based on the z scores?

If yes, would my column heading order for data analysis be:
-Sample name (with the same of the samples in each row), metabolite1, metabolite2, metabolite3 (with the associated z-scores for each metabolite)?

Or would a better column order be:
-Metabolites (with the name of the metabolite in each row), Sample1, Sample2, Sample3 (with the z scores for each metabolite)?

My apologies if this is very rudimentary. Thank you for you assistance! I really appreciate it.

You can uploading normalized / scaled data.

  • No filtering, no normalization
  • Volcano plot (esp. fold change) will be affected as they are usually on original scale

Regarding data format, please first go through our detailed instructions on this