Bug report Pathwayanalysis Name Check

This is a bug report for the Pathway Analysis:
The Name/ID Standardization incorrectly reads the names. While “Fumarate” was correctly interpreted as “Fumaric acid” in version 5.0, it is now (in version 6.0) recognized as “Glycerol” (and thus cannot be changed in the web interface), which is far from any similar names for “Fumarate”. “Fumaric acid” is recognized correctly. However, users who have established a working compound-naming convention might have incorporated this mistake undetected, as they are accustomed to the correct interpretation of their naming and may skip the name checking.
In addition to “Fumarate,” other compounds might be affected by this issue as well, and I will update this post if we find another one.

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Thank you for the note. The issue is fixed and server will be updated late today