Bug in taxa abundance pdf export

When I export my relative abundance data to a pdf on a mac, it makes the legend too big. The legend is out of frame, it is cut off by the pdf file. The bars are also very small.

This issue cannot be reproduced by our example data. Could you please follow the post guideline for trouble shooting?

For troubleshooting, we need to reproduce the issue (not just reporting issue). It is very hard to perform “remote diagnosis” with limited information, as many errors are specific to your data and your operations .

Read the guideline how to report such issue

  1. I use the the ‘Marker Data Profiling’. In the analysis overview the tool I use is the ‘Stacked bar/area plot’. The following settings are used when I make the image. But the same happens when I set taxonomy level to Phylum.

voorbeeld_taxa.pdf (11 KB)

  1. I can not provide a copy of my data. But it the format used is ‘.biom’. The data is 16S gene data.

If this explanation is still incomplete, please let me know and I will try to explain it better.

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