Bug in Heatmap Visualisation Statistical Analysis [metadata table]

Request Troubleshooting

When updating Heatmap by changing “metadata in annotation” or / and “sample arrangement”, the Heatmap does not change.

1. Tool & Module: Statistical Analysis [metadata table], Peak intensities, time-series + one factor, samples in columns (but als with rows)

2. Dataset: sample dataset: test data for time series + one condition (A. thaliana)

3. Steps leading up to issue:

  • upload data and metadata: no issue
  • proceed to data filtering: chose “none”
  • proceed to normalisation overview: “sample normalisation: none”, “data transformation: log transformation”, “data scaling: mean centering”, normalise and proceed: no issue
  • Chose Hierarchical clustering and heatmap visualisation: no issue
  • by default the visualisations shows:
  • “metadata in annotation: phenotype, time, subject” and “sample arrangement”: phenotype"


4. The issue
Then change “metadata in annotation: phenotype, time,” and “sample arrangement”: phenotype, time": here the issue arises:
the heatmap itself does not change even though the coloured blocks above the heatmap do.

Screenshot 2

Thanks for having a look and fixing the bug or helping us out.

YES, I also face this bug. :sweat_smile: :smiling_face_with_tear:

The issue should be fixed now. Thanks for the note.