Bug in Heatmap Visualisation Statistical Analysis [metadata table]

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When updating Heatmap by changing “metadata in annotation” or / and “sample arrangement”, the Heatmap does not change.

1. Tool & Module: Statistical Analysis [metadata table], Peak intensities, time-series + one factor, samples in columns (but als with rows)

2. Dataset: sample dataset: test data for time series + one condition (A. thaliana)

3. Steps leading up to issue:

  • upload data and metadata: no issue
  • proceed to data filtering: chose “none”
  • proceed to normalisation overview: “sample normalisation: none”, “data transformation: log transformation”, “data scaling: mean centering”, normalise and proceed: no issue
  • Chose Hierarchical clustering and heatmap visualisation: no issue
  • by default the visualisations shows:
  • “metadata in annotation: phenotype, time, subject” and “sample arrangement”: phenotype"


4. The issue
Then change “metadata in annotation: phenotype, time,” and “sample arrangement”: phenotype, time": here the issue arises:
the heatmap itself does not change even though the coloured blocks above the heatmap do.

Screenshot 2

Thanks for having a look and fixing the bug or helping us out.

YES, I also face this bug. :sweat_smile: :smiling_face_with_tear:

The issue should be fixed now. Thanks for the note.

This was working last week for me, now when changing sample arrangement the coloured blocks on top change, but sample arrangement and legend do not change.

We were doing server migration, and the old version was used accidentally. The issue should be gone

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Hi, I think there still might be a bug in generating the heatmaps. I tried with my own data set as well as with the test data provided by metaboanalyst and the heatmap is not generated. Appreciate the help!