ANOVA posthoc Function not found

Dear MetaboAnalyst Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I have previously used MetaboAnalystR (version 3.2).

Recently, I installed the new MetaboAnalyst 4.00 and encountered the following error while using it:

mSet ← Calculate.ANOVA.posthoc(mSet, “tukey”, 0.05)
Error in Calculate.ANOVA.posthoc(mSet, “tukey”, 0.05) :
could not find function “Calculate.ANOVA.posthoc”

The above script was copied from the browser version (MetaboAnalyst 6.0). Is the function Calculate.ANOVA.posthoc(mSet, “tukey”, 0.05) only available in the browser version? I believe that the previous browser version of MetaboAnalyst did not have the functionality to separate ANOVA P values and Posthoc P values. Is this a new feature from version 6.0? And is it not available in MetaboAnalystR?

Thank you for your assistance.

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