Adding additional species for pathway analysis

Hello, we are conducting a range of multi-omics projects on reptiles and frogs for the next few years.

I was wondering if you could make a KEGG pathways options available for the following species found on KEGG:
Thamnophis sirtalis (common garter snake), T06107, tsr
Rana temporaria (common frog), T07929, rtem
Bufo bufo (common toad), T07950, bbuf


We are actually doing an overhaul of all our annotation/pathway libraries now, so I’ve added these species to the list.

Another option to consider, most of our tools allow KEGG Ortholog (KO) IDs for input data. This way you can use the generic KEGG reference database to perform pathway analysis of data from any species as long as the data are annotated with KOs. Of course, there may be some irrelevant pathways on plants or human diseases, but it is an option.

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Hello, I was just wondering if you knew when the updated libraries are likely to become available? Thank you very much :slight_smile:

1-2 months. The annotation overhaul is part of a larger undergraduate student research project, and won’t be released online until we do testing after the project is completed.

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I’ve looked at other forum questions and the pathway analysis options in MetaboAnalyst, but I am unsure how to input KO IDs for species not in the main list. How would this be done?


I was just wondering if these species have been added? I tried to do a Pathway analysis but couldn’t see these additional species.