404 Not Found nginx/1.18.0 Ubuntu

I have a problem with the “Statistical analysis [one factor]” analysis.
I can upload my files, but when I click on “proceed”, the web page with the “404 Not Found” appears.

I hope you can help.


Same for Statistical Analysis [Metadata Table]

I have the same problem.

Yesterday was OK, today is not good. why? I saw its update.

Yesterday I had weird issues with data processing, but I managed to work a bit. Today, the whole site seems to be down despite the “update”. Does it work for anyone?

It is not working at all on my side…

Same here, it was fine for me 6 hours ago. Maybe it’s due to the version upgrade? I notice it upgrade from 5.0 to 6.0

exactly the same, i hope they could manage the errors of the new version.

Some update here, I can now import the data for pathway analysis. But after setup the parameter then hit proceed it still shows the error message.
Already try the example list, same issue occur.

I also encountered the same problem, there was NO problem in uploading data and doing data processing, but when I went to the website to make maps, such as volcano map and PLSDA map, the website reported “404 Not Found” error.

The issue was due to server update and upgrading to V6