Why do I get error in the "Manual Batch Filter" when I want to include my node of interest?


I am searching for “hsa-mir-101-3p” in miRNet. It has identified 393 target genes. However, when I filtered it with the “Manual Batch Filter” in the Network Builder, selected include ACVR2B, AP1G1, I got the error: “Failed to process your request. No connected nodes found after this filtering!” Can you help?


If you select “Include” to filter the network, the network will only include the nodes you entered. In this case, “ACVR2B” and “AP1G1” does not form a network. Therefore, you will get the error “No connected nodes found after this filtering”

Alternatively, you can highlight in the network viewer and extract the subnetwork to have a more focused view of your nodes of interest. See screenshots below.