Why are my results different after prepending higher taxonomic names (stacked bar/area plots)?

Prepending higher taxonomic names to the current taxa names can change results if many of your features are unassigned at the current taxonomic resolution. This is because MicrobiomeAnalyst aggregates all unassigned features into one when plotting the graphs. By prepending a higher taxonomic name, this will distinguish the unassigned features into different features (i.e. NAs will become A_NA, B_NA, C_NA … ).

i am relatively new to microbim data analysis and have a question along the same lines. i hope someone smarter than me can help me. i am uploading my data including taxonomy and have noticed that analyst summarises data if no annotation is made at genera or species level would it make sense to modify the description befor the upload e.g. like this? :



or is this not usual?

thank you for your help!


Some database such as silva has already provide annotations using the terms unknown_[…] or uncultured_[…]. Please make sure there’s no conflict between these terms. Otherwise, it should be okay to modify the annotation based on your understanding.

Hope this helps!

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