What types of data does ExpressAnalyst accept?

ExpressAnalyst accepts data from 26 species as well as species-independent data generated by EcoOmicsAnalyst or Seq2Fun, in the following formats:

  1. A list of genes/proteins: one or more lists of gene or protein IDs with optional expression profiles (i.e. fold changes). Each gene should be in a row. Please refer to our example data for more details.
  2. Single gene expression data table: a data table containing expression values (i.e. gene/probe intensities from microarray, counts from RNAseq saved as a tab delimited text file (.txt) with rows for features (genes/probes) and columns for samples. The tab delimited file can be generated from any spreadsheet program. Please refer to our example data for more details
  3. Multiple gene expression tables: gene expression data from multiple studies collected under similar conditions can be integrated in a meta-analysis.