What is TrpNet?

TrpNet is a comprehensive resource for researchers to visually explore, search, or predict tryptophan metabolism within the context of human and mouse gut microbiome. Its key features include

  • Comprehensive database on Tryptophan metabolism: TrpNet consolidates known bio-transformations of tryptophan metabolism into 130 reactions and 108 metabolites annotated with host or/and microbial origins.
  • High-resolution mapping: TrpNet maps tryptophan metabolism across ~ 5270 microbes (at strain level, ~2100 belonging to human gut microbiome) based on literature review and genome-scale metabolic models.
  • Dynamic network creation: TrpNet produces the tryptophan metabolism network for the selected combination of microbes (and host) for intuitive visualization and understanding.
  • Predicting tryptophan metabolites: TrpNet can predict tryptophan metabolites from 16S rRNA abundance information using Bayesian logistic regression models trained on our database