What are the main features of OmicsNet?

OmicsNet has been developed to allow researchers to easily create and intuitively visualize multi-omics networks from one or more list(s) of molecules of interests. OmicsNet accepts signatures identified from a multi-omics study such as genes, proteins, miRNAs, transcription factors, metabolites, SNPs, LC-MS peaks, as well as microbiome taxa. The networks can be explored in a three-dimensional (3D) space and conventional 2D visualization. In particular:

  1. From a list (or multiple lists) of molecules/taxa/MS peaks of interest to networks using build-in comprehensive knowledge base and prediction models (i.e. taxa to metabolites, or peaks to metabolites).
  2. Visual explore the results in 2D/3D network with comprehensive support for layout, highlighting, functional and topological analysis.

Some example visualization results can be seen from our Overview page and our Gallery page.