Using MicrobiomeAnalyst to analyse ITS dada!

hello everyone!
MicrobiomeAnalyst is so convenient to analyse 16S data.
And I think it is also available to analyse ITS data, just for the basic result (alpha,beta diversity, LEfSe, RM…)
The upload and analyse is working well
please help me to check it :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
its-metadata.txt (96 Bytes)
its-otutable-even.txt (20.1 KB)
its-taxonomy.txt (57.6 KB)

Hello, thanks posing this question.

Our platform(MDP module) is suitable for the analysis of 16s and ITS data as well, and your data works very well.

The general analysis procedure for 16s and ITS data are the same. The most difference should be that ITS sequences are not phylogenetically-informative. So they cannot be aligned to a phylogenetic tree in a meaningful manner, thus UniFrac distances cannot be applied when you do the beta analysis.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for your instruction :tulip:
The MicrobiomeAnalyst and this OmicsForum are valuable and very helpful! love it :heartpulse:
Thank you again for your work :+1: