Using local docker for EcoOmics Analyst for practice RNASeq Data

Can’t get past this while following the tutorial on a Dell with Windows 10 Pro.
Using the local host for Docker and using data data downloaded from the EcoOmics analyst site (http://localhost:8080/EcoOmicsAnalyst_SA/doc/Tutorial.xhtml).
What am I missing? the file path? I can see the data when I open the files on my desktop so I am confused why the error messages.
Thanks in Advance,

Hi Miriam, it is the path issue. You should include a complete absolute path (if you are using default docker run command). Share more screenshots if you cannot figure it out.

Thanks so much for answering.
I’m a Biologist and I rely on Bioinformatics for analysis so I taking baby steps on working with the command prompt aspect. When you say to include a complete path would it look like this?
for a file that’s located on my desktop or do I go directly to Desktop/demo_eoa/data_kalisto?
I’ll be trying this when I get home as I am teaching myself on my home computer.
Thanks again Qiang

This can be different depending on your operating system (Windows vs. Mac vs. PC etc). I would just try both and see which one works.