Upload issues

Hi everyone
I have been trying very hard to upload my 16S data but to no avail, the message says my data do not have #NAME which indeed it has.
I have my data as .txt (OTU, metadata, and taxonomy files - attached)
I have these characters on my taxonomy file:




weissella_fabalis (HE576795)

Could all these characters prevent the data upload?
I attached the error message too.
I have also searched the forum and used the guidelines recommended with no help.
In addition, can I use an ITS generated OTU/Taxonomy data on the marker gene classifier?

ASVs_COUNTS.txt (25.9 KB)
ASVs_TAXONOMY2.txt (260.3 KB)
METADATA2_NEW.txt (555 Bytes)

Hello, this is because the #NAME column is empty in your count table as shown in the screenshot below:


Please make sure the data table is in right format.