Upload fail--and even your example dataset

Unable to upload my data (for marker data profiling) which has taxa included in OTU file. So I downloaded your plain text mammalian gut dataset as a test, but I was also not able to upload that either. See attached error screenshot and my two *.txt files.
otu_table_with_taxonomy_CCxx_CTxx_sandbox.txt (2.8 KB)
sample_metadata_CCxx_CTxx_sandbox.txt (151 Bytes)

Many errors are related to your operations - which you did not provide. See below for how to upload the mammalian gut dataset, which works in my testing

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Thank you very much for your response. Please see the two files that I had originally attached to my inquiry, and then please tell me exactly what needs to be done to fix those files to be suitable. I have been using microbiomeanalyst for about a year with analyzing hundreds of my datafiles without any problems until now, including bunds with zeros.

Hello, I have checked your OTU table and found that most values are 0 as shown below:

To have biological meaningful results, we keep those features present in at least two samples. So all of the features in your data are removed by default as they only present in one sample.

Please double check the data to have obtain meaningful results.

Hope this helps.