Unknown error with the stacked bar/area plot option

The stacked bar/area plot option does not seem to work. I’ve tried multiple different sets of files (including ones that I have previously successfully analyzed using this function) and while everything else seems to work fine, this one option shows an error every time, no matter the files used. I’ve tried troubleshooting with different file types, recreating files, and using different files and they all show the same error, so I’m thinking the error is not on my end. Let me know if there is anything you can do to help!


I am having the same problem. I also tried to run the Human Moving Picture example data. That didn’t work either. The dataset worked fine yesterday

Same issue as above. I have tried this feature before and it worked fine, but it is no longer functioning on my dataset or any of the example datasets.

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Same issue here!
Everything else looks fine

It should work now after reboot. We are experiencing a surge in job submission and our server is at capacity in the past two days.

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