Unable to upload fastq.gz files larger than 100mb

Hi, I’m reaching out for help to run the raw data processing module of the microbiome analyst 2.0. I was trying to process the forward and reverse fastq.gz data downloaded using the SRAtoolkit. At the uploading stage, one sample had an issue. It was indicated that the file size of the forward and reverse fastq.gz were too large (exceeds 100mb) and cannot be uploaded. I’ve checked the forums and found that several people who have had similar issues with the other platforms have resolved it by reaching out to the authors? Could I seek your aid on this as well?
The run ascension number is ERR2032065 (ENA Browser or Illumina MiSeq paired end sequencing - SRA - NCBI). I’ve also created a dropbox link for the files just in case (Transfer - Dropbox). This is a healthy saliva microbiome sample.
Thank you very much!


For the sake of the computational resource and performance on the website, the upload size is limited to 100mb. If you want to process larger datasets, you can either download our R package to run raw data processing locally or refer to our professional version (OmicsTools Pro).

Hope this helps! Please let us know if there’s more questions.

Thank you very much, I’ll try out the R package!