Trouble with Tax4Fun Function in MicrobiomeAnalyst


I have having some trouble with the Tax4Fun (SILVA) function on MicrobiomeAnalyst. I am uploading my files as .csv, and am able to get results through other functions on the website, such as a Beta Diversity Graph. However, when I attempt to use the Tax4Fun (SILVA) function, I get an error saying to “check taxonomy labels”. I have linked my metadata and OTU table below.

metadata_reformatted.csv (567 Bytes)
feature_table_reformatted.txt (216.8 KB)

Any insight on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated!

I have checked your data. The problem was because there was no overlap between the uploaded features and the database used for Tax4Fun prediction. If you have the asv sequence, you can try with Tax4Fun2.
Hope this helps!

Hi, I am still getting the same error “check taxonomy labels” even when I use Tax4Fun2.

From my understanding, what I have linked below is my ASV table from qiime2. I also added my taxonomy table. I am still using the same metadata file.

feature_table.csv (141.3 KB)
taxonomy_google.csv (271.4 KB)

I have the DNA sequences from my samples, but they are in a FASTA file, which I seemingly cannot upload to MicrobiomeAnalyst.

Any guidance as to how to format these files correctly would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, to useTax4Fun2, you need to use the sequence as ID in the abundance table as follows:

Please make sure the data is in the correct format

Hope this helps!