The result might be misleading based on the normalized input

Dear sir,
When I finish processing the data and prepare to analyze it, using the species classification and alpha diversity pages, the following question pops up “The result might be misleading based on the normalized input.The result might be misleading based on the normalized input. Are you sure to proceed?” . Even though I select proceed, I still can’t continue processing the data? How can I solve this problem?

Thank you.

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Dear sir,
Based on your suggestion, I have re-described my problem and added relevant documentation. The three files below are the ones I used to perform my MicrobiomeAnalyst data analysis. For Data Filter I chose Low count filter, Minimum count: 2 or 4, Prevalence in samples 10%; for Data Normalization I chose only Rarefy to the minimum library size.
Stacked bar/area plot analysis, the problem appears as shown in the figure, that is, the problem I raised earlier. Select Proceed, but still can’t proceed.
Thank you for your help!

asv_1.txt (225.8 KB)
metadata_1.txt (318 Bytes)
taxn_1.txt (284.0 KB)


I have checked your data which was well processed and get to the stack plot page. As your data is raw count without preliminary normalization, please DO NOT check the normalized data check box.
You can try again and let me know if there still any problem.

Hope this helps.

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