Tax4Fun warning, removing samples due to abundance of matched taxa are 0

I have successfully run tax4fun (with help of folks in this forum) on some data sets. However, I’ve run into a novel snag with this one. Here are the files:
Q_ASVs.txt (349.9 KB)
Q_Metadata.txt (11.9 KB)
Q_taxonomy.txt (79.0 KB)

I am using tax4fun, QIIME against SILVA database.
My student obtained the classifier file from Data resources — QIIME 2 2023.5.1 documentation

I get this error:

"Samples Q110 . . . (includes list of samples) . . . NA, NA, NA were removed during the processing due to the abundance of all the matched taxa are 0 in these samples.

I looked at the samples in this list, and I don’t see problems with the counts. Is this an issue related to the Silva database?

Here is the output file:
functionalprof_tax4fun-2.csv (255.5 KB)

Odd, in that I only get data for the samples that the warning said were removed.

Can I get a response to this inquiry?

I am concerned because the method for generating results by sequence using tax4fun2 yielded some different outcomes. I want to use the regular tax4fun to compare to a prior publication that used this platform.

This is not an error from your data. It’s a technique issue of the reminder message. We have fix the message issue. You can try it later.
While the samples listed in the warning message means that the annotated taxonomy in these samples have no overlap with Tax4Fun library.

Hope this helps and sorry for the late response.