Suggestion for heat trees

First, thanks for being responsive to past requests for tweaks to this platform.

I have a request for the heat tree analysis n MDP. Is it possible to set an option so that only the nodes/branches of the tree that are significant are colored, with the remaining a light gray? I’d prefer to assemble a plot with one heat treat with all the labels on one figure, which functions as a map for the tree. And then trees as a grid without text labels and only the significant nodes/branches colored. Here’s a figure showing what I mean. Figure 8 in Nutrients | Free Full-Text | Dietary Supplementation with Black Raspberries Altered the Gut Microbiome Composition in a Mouse Model of Colitis-Associated Colorectal Cancer, although with Differing Effects for a Healthy versus a Western Basal Diet

I was able to do this manually by editing the PDF files. But it was very labor intensive. It’d be awesome to have options to color only significant node/branches and to turn off/on the labels.


Thanks for the suggestion. The feature is now available for Heat Tree analysis

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