Shotgun metagenomic decontaminated reads

Dear developers,

First of all thank you for creating this tool.

I would like to analyze Shotgun metagenomic data (paired end sequencing), starting from already trimmed and decontaminated reads. What is the best way for you to create a gene abundance table and/or a BIOM file to “feed” the SDP module?

It will then be possible for me to calculate the alpha and beta diversity and the differential abundance also at taxa level?

I have to compare four groups: is it possible to perform a TWO WAY ANOVA or an ANCOVA ?

Thanks a lot.

Have a nice day,



Currently, we only support raw reads processing for marker gene. You can look into other tools for dealing metagenomic sequencing data.

Once you get the gene abundance table, our tool support the various parameters for diversity and comparison analysis among groups.

Hope this helps.