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Quick question - is there a way to download ExpressAnalyst results (the raw csv sheet that provides the list of significantly regulated genes, along with FC, p-value, symbols, name etc.) that would include, for each exported gene, extra columns to get the KEGG or GO annotations that one can find in the Ridgeline tool?



I have the same question. Were you able to do it for the ridgeplot?

No… need to manually copy each entry…

can this be fixed if I use it on R?

Dear Krutuj and Emmanuel,

Seems like there is a need for the feature, I will add it soon and notify you when it’s ready.

Thank you,


Wow, that would be awesome! And save me a lot of time :wink: Thanks!

yeah that would be great to have and a very easy table to give in supplementary data

The information is always available in the download page. It is a json file, but you should be able to read it

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