Reformatting OTU Table to Include Sequence IDs for Tax4Fun Analysis using MicrobiomeAnalyst

Hello! I am trying to run Tax4Fun in MicrobiomeAnalyst, but am running into trouble with my table formatting. Through the qiime2 pathway, I have an OTU, metadata and taxonomic table formatted like so:
ft_google.csv (141.3 KB)
metadata_google.csv (603 Bytes)
taxonomy_google.csv (271.4 KB)

Based on a response to a previous post, I understand that I will need to reformat my OTU table so it looks like this example:

However, I cannot figure out how to merge my sequence files from the qiime2 pathway with the OTU table so it looks like that. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


You can check if you have a file that match the sequence to the IDs in your OTU table. Usually there should be a similar table like shown above as output when you do the 16s raw data processing. Maybe you can also check the qiime2 tutorial for their output explanation.

Thanks for your response! I do have a sequence file that matches the IDs on the OTU table. I specifically want to replace the OTU IDs in my feature table with the DNA sequences , like the example picture in my original post. Is there any way to “merge” the two files?