Realize separated microbial network

I am a beginner on MicrobiomeAnalyst. I use this software, Marker Data Profiling, for my metabarcoding analyses of soil microbial community (bacteria and fungi). My objective is to determine if a specific treatment could impact the diversity and the structure of microbial community compared to non treated control. The point is to be able also to visualize the interaction between each member of the microbial community, through microbial network based on spearman correlation.
I have 3 modalities (TNT, VL and VS) and I would like to know (and show) if positive connections, and globally all interaction and connections, between microorganisms are stimulated or not by the treatment.
But when I use the network module of MicrobiomeAnalyst, the constructed network brings together the 3 modalities. But I would like to have separated network, with one network per modality. I don’t know if it’s possible using MicrobiomeAnalyst.

Thank you