Problems running the Correlation Network analysis

Good afternoon, I have issues when trying to run the Correlation Network analysis within the MDP module. It doesn’t allow me to compare groups of interest, for example: Monocultivo y rotacion. I am attaching the files used.

Thank you very much.
Secuence table sin duplicados.txt (560.1 KB)
Taxonomy table secuencias sin duplicados.txt (663.1 KB)
Metadata file MICROBIOME.txt (705 Bytes)

Hello, the issue has been fixed. You can try it out now.

Hello, I am facing the same probelm. Kindly find attached the used files
3.1.ASV_filtered +others(326).csv (49.4 KB)
Metadata.txt (1.1 KB)
taxonomy .txt (786.5 KB)
Please if you want me to open new topic let me know.