Problem with PICRUST analysis

Hello! I’ve completed sequencing with Qiime2, and I’m going to do a PICRUST analysis on Microbiomeanalyst with that data.
But I get an error with the file I have.
In this regard, I will send the file to Yao’s email.

Is this problem occurring because my file is not a biom format?
If PICRUST analysis is possible even if it is not necessarily a biom type file, why does my file get an error?

I’d appreciate your help. Thank you very much

Hello, the issue was caused by the format of your taxonomy table. The right format should be:

You can download our example data for reference.
Note the #TAXONOMY column should be the same as the #NAME column of your OTU table, either the sequence or OTU/ASV IDs.
Hope this helps!

I solved this problem!
Thanks for your help😄