Problem with creating a Clustering Heatmap Visualization

Good day,
I have been trying to create a Heatmap since yesterday, but it seems that this analysis does not work, while at the beginning of the week I had no problem creating a heatmap from the same data.

Does anyone have the same problem with creating a heatmap?

Thank you.

Yes, not able to make Heatmap. I get error message “Value out of range”. But exact same data and metadata yields all the other plot just fine.

I’m having the same problem

We’ve been experiencing this issue as well. Regardless of the Internet browser used, the heatmap image would not be generated.
When we tried to reproduce previous images with older data, the same issue occurred indicating that it is related to the recent updates.

“Value out of range” error pops up because new standard parameters for heatmap generation are set to 0. However, even when applying other parameters still does not produce a figure, just removes the error message.

Hi all, we have fix the issue and you can generate heatmap now except for the pdf file download. But you can still visualize and download png file.