Not submitting Metadata & Taxonomy files

I am trying to upload metadata and taxonomy files on the ‘Statistical Meta Analysis’ tab but the only thing that is being uploaded is the OTU file as you can see in the screenshot. What can I do?

these are the files I’m trying to upload:
raw OTU - test 2.txt (461.4 KB)
metadata_S_TB -test3.txt (501 Bytes)
taxonomy-input.txt (556.6 KB)

Can you share the other datasets you want to analyze? For your information, the meta-analysis module is for multiple data matrices from different studies, if you want to analyze single data matrix, try marker gene module.


A potential issue I see is that you have selected “Taxonomy Included”, this option is selected when you have taxonomy information in your OTU table itself. When you have a separate Taxonomy table, it should be ticked off.