Normalization Error With No Explanation

Hello everyone,

I am very new to microbiome analysis and would greatly appreciate any input. I am trying to process a 16s sequencing OTU table generated using the Qiime2 platform using the Microbiome Analyst tool, but I am running into the error attached below when trying to complete the normalization step. I uploaded the data, proceeded past data inspection and data filtering with no problems. I am unable to get past this normalization error using any of the data settings, however, my ideal settings are as follows:

  1. Rarefy to the minimum library size
  2. Do not scale my data
  3. Relative log expression (RLE)

The error does not provide any explanation or insight as to why this is happening. If it is useful, the R command history associated with this step when I see this error is as follows:

mbSet<-PerformNormalization(mbSet, “rarewi”, “none”, “rle”);

Is anyone able to help? I am unable to attach my OTU and Metadata files to this post, probably because the files are too large. But, if anyone is willing to help we can share files separately if needed. Any timely responses would be great, I am unfortunately trying to meet a strict deadline. Thank you!