Multiple expression tables DEFECT

Dear all,

Following my individual expression table analysis, I would like now perform a meta-analysis using your “Multiple expression tables” tool.

However, when I upload the expression tables (previously used in the “single expression table” tool) I can successfully do the first steps: “Data annotation” " Missing values" “Filtering & normalization” but at the “Differential analysis” I got the following error :

but the exact same tables were input as a single expression table, and worked fine at the differential analysis, using the exact same pre-processing step:

All the meta-data are consistent across all the expression table.
Here is the head of one of the table used:

Please let me know if anything is unclear.
Thanks in advance for your help,
Best regards,
Yann F.

Dear Yann,

Is it possible to share with me the table that didn’t work, I want to reproduce the error.


Dear Guangyan,

Thanks for the answer.
Here are two tables, one working and the other one not.
Note that both work in single table analysis.

GSE3XXX INPUT.txt (550.4 KB)

Thanks for your consideration,

Dear Yann,

It’s fixed now, you can try it out.


Dear Guangyan,

Thanks for your efficiency, this is greatly appreciated.