Microbiomanalyst fails to proceed after table upload

Hey, I have successfully uploaded my MetaData, OTU and metabolomics data. Confirmation of upload is shown by a green check for all three tables. When clicking on “Proceed” there is a short loading window which disappears right away and the page stays the same.

Any ideas on how to proceed to the analysis?

16S_an_Metabolomics_CV_angepasst_for_upload_ohne_taxonomy.csv (86.7 KB)
HilicNeg_CV_an_16S_angepasst.csv (503.5 KB)
Metadata_BI_No_BI.csv (242 Bytes)
TaxonomyTable_TIPS_2.csv (147.5 KB)

Have the same problem, posted two days ago, no answer

Hello, I have test your data. It actually works on our website as shown below:

Would you please try again as the website has been updated since your post.

Another issue is the format of the peaks. Currently we only support generic format, i.e. mz__rt / mz@rt. Please make sure your data is in the right format.

Please let me know if you have more questions.


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