Microbial Metabolomics

I seen to having the same issue uploading files into the Microbial Metabolomics portal as a few other users. I have my metadata, ASV count files, and raw metabolites files formatted per the examples for abundance tables (screenshot below, files attached). I get the green check mark when I upload all the files, but the screen will not advance when I click ‘proceed’.

MetaG_ASV-MAG.txt (81.3 KB)
MetaG_Metadata.txt (285 Bytes)
MetaG_Plasma_Metabolites_Raw.txt (15.5 KB)


We have fixed the issue. You can try again and let us know if you have more questions.
Hope this helps!


Thank you for your response. I am still experiencing the same issue where the screen will not advance. Is there a certain browser or something else I should be using?

Please try again. I guess you were directed to our backup server (which was not updated yet) during high traffic

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