Microbial metabolomics data upload issue


I am having an issue with data upload. sometimes it gets uploaded. Other times, it does not. I’ve tried processing data and clicking the ‘Proceed’ button, but it doesn’t move to the next step.
Please find the sample data attached. Any help regarding this would be appreciated.
Thank you
met.csv (79 Bytes)
MET_MA.csv (437.8 KB)
microbes_genus_MA.csv (906 Bytes)
taxonomy.csv (1.8 KB)

The following are the plot that I can download through Data upload → Download. But I cannot proceed with data preprocessing


There were basically two errors in your data uploaded. Firstly, the peak format is incorrect. For guidance, please refer to our example data or hover over the question mark in the upload dialogue for explanations. Secondly, the sample names in the OTU table do not match those in the metadata.
You can fix these issues and upload again.

We will update our website soon to provide more specific error message.

Hope this helps!