Issues with OmicsNetR package for metabolites annotation (NetID)

I am trying to run the OmicsNetR package for metabolites annotation following the instructions given at OmicsNet

  1. I tried to run all the lines with the full “malaria_peaks” dataset but R encounters a fatal error and aborts when I start the Step 5:
    #Step 5. Perform global network optimization

  2. Then, I decided to cut the dataset of “malaria_peaks” to 700 lines approximately. Whith this shorter dataset, I succeeded to run all till the last one, step 10:
    #Step 10. Prepare the network file to be used for visualization, the output will be in JSON format.
    dataSet<-PrepareNetwork(dataSet, “subnetwork1”, “omicsnet_0.json”)

The error I get:

trying URL ‘
Content type ‘unknown’ length 686040 bytes (669 KB)
downloaded 669 KB

Error in compiler::loadcmp(“…/…/rscripts/OmicsNetR/R/_utils_convertIgraph2JSON.Rc”) :
file ‘…/…/rscripts/OmicsNetR/R/_utils_convertIgraph2JSON.Rc’ does not exist

Can you please, help me?
Thanks a lot!